Tango Orchestra Misterioso (RUS)

TUE, 24 February, 21:00

Tango Orchestra Misterioso

Dynamic James (Russia)

WED, 25 February, 20:00

Dynamic James

Casual (RUS)

WED, 25 February, 21:00


The Coffeetime (Russia)

THU, 26 February, 21:00

The Coffeetime

Mamulki Band (Russia)

THU, 26 February, 21:00

Mamulki Band

70s-80s Disco «Back to future»

THU, 26 February, 23:00

70s-80s Disco «Back to future»

Trubetskoy (BY)

FRI, 27 February, 21:00


Sasha Santa (Russia)

FRI, 27 February, 00:15

Sasha Santa

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Entrance cost:

  • Thursdays and Sundays after 20:00 = 400 rubles
  • Fridays and Saturdays after 20:00 – men = 600 rubles, women = 400 rubles

The entrance ticket allows you to attend the 80s disco, parties and concerts, which take place on the first and second floors of the "B2", watch live broadcasts of sports matches at the sushi bar, play billiards and relax in the summer cafes.

Purchased tickets are refundable and are not subject to the exchange.

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