«B2» club not only is a set of dance and music halls but also a place, where you can always have a delicious meal with a sip of good wine after a long working day/ In all eight lounges we have tables and, moreover, the amount of sitting places varies from fifty to five hundred. Every lounge has its own bar, the third floor has a sushi-bar and during the summer a veranda is open. «B2» has all kinds of European and Japanese cuisine; from 12:00 to 17:00 on weekdays the restaurant of the Small Lounge offers business lunch.

The «B2» menu is made not only for those, who cannot live a day without a piece of juicy meat but also for ideological vegetarians. For example our traditional risotto is cooked by the classical Italian recipe and as for our tasty fajita, people say the only place you can find it better cooked is Mexico!