Tango Orchestra Misterioso (RUS)

TUE, 24 February, 21:00

Tango Orchestra Misterioso

Dynamic James (Russia)

WED, 25 February, 20:00

Dynamic James

Casual (RUS)

WED, 25 February, 21:00


The Coffeetime (Russia)

THU, 26 February, 21:00

The Coffeetime

Mamulki Band (Russia)

THU, 26 February, 21:00

Mamulki Band

70s-80s Disco «Back to future»

THU, 26 February, 23:00

70s-80s Disco «Back to future»

Trubetskoy (BY)

FRI, 27 February, 21:00


Sasha Santa (Russia)

FRI, 27 February, 00:15

Sasha Santa

Disco 80

From Thursday to Sunday at 10 p.m. on The First Floor "B2" DISCO 80

For someone it’s a comeback to the golden disco age, whereas for others it’s a long-awaited amusement. The 80s Discos in «B2» are certainly famous for being open to those, who are longing to find something special. And even if your youth fell on the wild 90s or the new millennium, our program is built in such a way that there’ll surely be a track or two in the set list that will awaken your memories. In short, dances till morn, good old retro and modern hits from the charts should do the trick, especially when the club’s two greatest lively DJs Bardo и Vonzaykin, who surely know the secret of a real party, are involved.

10 p.m. - 6 a.m., Thursday-Sunday, Disco Bar (1st floor)


DISCO 2000

Modern Dance Music Every Fridays and Saturdays in the concert "B2" hall

The entire spectrum of modern dance music - from deep house to Goa trance with best DJ's - Fridays and Saturdays in the concert "B2" hall.

Fridays and Saturdays, Concert Hall (4th floor)