Tango Orchestra Misterioso (RUS)

TUE, 24 February, 21:00

Tango Orchestra Misterioso

Dynamic James (Russia)

WED, 25 February, 20:00

Dynamic James

Casual (RUS)

WED, 25 February, 21:00


The Coffeetime (Russia)

THU, 26 February, 21:00

The Coffeetime

Mamulki Band (Russia)

THU, 26 February, 21:00

Mamulki Band

70s-80s Disco «Back to future»

THU, 26 February, 23:00

70s-80s Disco «Back to future»

Trubetskoy (BY)

FRI, 27 February, 21:00


Sasha Santa (Russia)

FRI, 27 February, 00:15

Sasha Santa

About Us

Today "B2" is the biggest club in Moscow and one of the biggest clubs in Europe. We have five floors, each of which could be a separate club; generally the club has a small hall, a sports bar, a billiard room, a jazz club, a modern concert hall, a disco-bar, a chill out, a cinema cafe and 7 bars. The heart of the club is a red futuristic construction, which holds the floors..

The capacity of the "B2" club is 2000 people.

1st floor – a summer terrace; the entrance to the club is a 20-meter pass, with pictures of stars who performed in "B2"; the 70’s and 80’s disco-club "Back to the Future."

2nd floor – the small hall; the bar with a large screen with sports broadcasts and business lunch.

3rd floor – (the biggest one) a cosy sports bar, a cinema, billiards room, chill out-zone and a club in a club: Jazz Cool Train Club - a nice place where daily live jazz concerts take place; just before the concerts start world jazz performances are broadcasted on a large screen.

4th floor – Moscow’s main concert hall, with modern sound and lighting equipment; almost every day concerts, festivals and presentations take place here. There is a spacious bar on the fourth floor too.

5th Floor – the VIP-area with leather sofas and a separate bar.

Entrance cost:

  • Thursdays and Sundays after 20:00 = 400 rubles
  • Fridays and Saturdays after 20:00 – men = 600 rubles, women = 400 rubles

Many famous musicians such as Rammstein, Nina Hagen, Mouse on Mars, Peaches, Tarwater, Mark Ribot & Los Cubanos Postiloz, Matmatah, Solex, Dead Kennedys, Gonzales, Legendary Pink Dots, Brainstorm, Kosheen, Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto, Lydia Lunch, A Silver mt. Zion orchestra, Violet Indiana, Artur H, Michael Gira, Pink Grase, Saint Etienne, Franz Ferdinand, GZA, Deus, Glenn Hughes, Nouvelle Vague, etc. performed in “B2”.

Our regular artists are: "Time Machine", Garik Sukachev, Vyacheslav Butusov, Sergey Galanin and the "Ser’ga” group, Zhanna Aguzarova, "Leg cramped", "Neschastniy sluchay", "Moral codex", "Crematorium", "Aquarium", "Chaif", "Chizh & Co", as well as the “Night Snipers", Nike Borzov, "Tantsi Minus" Mara, "UmaTurman», 5'Nizza etc.

Visit our official site: www.b2club.ru

Tel.: 7 (495) 650-99-18/09